Living room changes for spring

I made some changes to my living room the past few weeks:

 Added a new leather chair - old chair is needing to be re-upholstered
Added the silver vase with the tall branchy pussy willow, love the height it creates!
Moved in red ottoman from guest room (love the way it goes with the red basket on coffee table)
Added a throw rug to the couch arm to add texture and interest
Changed out coffee table accessories

Small changes but I love change so this satisfies me!
Ruthie's Quick Tips for the week:
  Mix and match ottoman and chairs, they don't have to match exactly.
Create height to a room with something simple as "natural" branches.
Add punches of color to your rooms with your accessories or one piece of furniture
Change out your coffee table accessories - layer items; baskets, books, etc.
Add a basket to your rooms, they create wonderful texture and an eclectic touch
Make sure your rug is big enough for your space; or maybe it's too big?
Don't be afraid to mix styles.  As long as the colors and the scale works, you are set.
Take risks in your space...mix it up so it's not like a "furniture showroom"
Add "metallic" elements to your space (like the silver vase) it makes any room shine.
Take pictures of your space and then evaluate it - this allows you to see what others see.
with plain pillow (same color as chair so it doesn't make a statement)
with patterened pillow (isn't it alive now)
Change up your pillows too, I love the way this animal print looks on the leather chair. 
What do you have to move around from room to room?

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