A look through Anthropologie's windows

Over the holiday, I tried to make a few stops into my favorite stores.  One of them is Anthropoligie which is one of my favorites.  I have to catch them when they have their sales though because they are not inexpensive.  One of the things I love about Anthropologie is their window displays.  Here are a few from Christmas that stopped me in my tracks.  Can't wait to see what they do for Valentines Day.

So unique and creative.

  Here were some of my favorite things from the store and from their online store.  Go here to see more details about each item at Anthropoligie.com

Such a fun collection of folding chairs.
My favorite quilt.  Love all the colors and the fun pattern. It was nice and soft too.  Great for cuddling!
This one is amazing too.

This light fixture would be great in a bathroom.
These mirrors are all connected together and would be such a great addition to any room.
I love the rustic whimsy of this side table.  Could be used next to a bed or in a living room between two chairs.  Every space needs a "touch" of something rustic.  It can make a formal room feel less intimidating and invites people in to the space.  Try it....add something casual/rustic to your formal space (it could be a informal arrangement on a dining room table, a rustic pair of candlesticks, a piece of wall art that has a vintage flair) and you will notice that the room becomes noticed and used.  My challenge with each of my clients is that they use every bit of their space.  A room that is never entered is a waste in my opinion.
Some kind of fun.
These drapes make a dramatic statement.  I often use drapery panels for shower curtains.  This one would speak volumes.
I'm in love, love with this rug - so classy.

If I'm shopping for my home, you always check out their clothing...This one was my favorite.
This too. So feminine. 
Hope you are inspired by Anthropologie like I am.