Melted Crayon Art - Thanks Pinterest

My daughter and her friend are really enjoying the last week of summer and did a fun art project today while I was away finishing up a bathroom install :)
I came home to these beautiful masterpieces.
Aren't they unique?  Two so very different pieces.
  They hot glued crayons to the top of the poster board, using whatever colored crayons they desired.
They then used a blow dryer to melt the crayons to whatever consistency and pattern they desired.
They were even smart enough to cover my tile so it didn't get a makeover too! 
Visit Pinterest to see some inspiring ideas like the one above.
I'm off to dinner with my hubby because today is our 25th Wedding Anniversary.  Yes, we celebrated in Italy and France but today is the actual day!  Another excuse to celebrate but the kids will celebrate with us because they have brought us so much joy all these years!
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