Modern Doormats and Garden Updates

Spring is in the air and it's time to dust off our front porches and make them look nice again.  We have pollen ALL over our front and back patio's and I'm waiting on a hard rain to wash it all away. 

I've been looking at front door welcome mats.  It's a real easy update to your front entry.  They have some great ones at Target and Lowes this season.  I saw that Walmart even has some great selections. Costco and Sams are also in style this season!  Also, don't forget about BIG LOTS.  You never know what treasure you'll find there.
I found these at, aren't they stylish?
This one had me laughing and would be funny for your back patio.  Well, maybe not.  Found at Target.  Gotta have some humor, it makes life interesting and fun.
While you are out and about look for your new doormat for this season.
 I've found them for as low as $11.00.
Here are a few quick tips for your garden.
Add unexpected elements to your flowerpots. 
Here are some I just put together.
Added a petrified rock and some fun finials to this mix.
Once the flowers get bigger the finials will really add a nice touch!  I love when flowering pots are overflowing with captivating beauty.
This wrought iron piece makes my fern look dressed up ready for family and friends.  It's like the jewelry added to an outfit.
I found this statue at a garage sale.  My kids named him "Aslan" from the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe movie.   He guards our house and our dog loves to bark at him.
Love this fun concrete finial.  Adds height and whimsy to our garden.
Adding architectural elements to your fence really make a nice backdrop for your ivy.
I even love it when things start to look a little worn.  Makes them have a story!  Notice the green pollen I've been talking about!  Come on rain!!!
I planted Sweet Potato vines last year and their color was spectacular.  I decided to do it again this year.
Look who landed in our pool while I was taking these pictures!  Isn't he beautiful.
My angel and my weather vain are waiting for my Sago Palm to create an umbrella over them.
I'm always amazed at how fast they grow.  See the duck in the pool!
Isn't she sweet?
Lila is waiting for the gazebo to be finished so she can go back to her home!
Speaking of the gazebo, it's coming along well!
It's waiting to be stained.

Almost finished, roof is next.  All the pots are waiting for their spring flowers.

Hope you are enjoying getting your home ready for summer!  I'd love to see what you've done, Inside or Outside.  I know that spring gets you all motivated to do updates and changes.
   Send me an e-mail with your updates and I'll post them for all to see!