Monogramming Ideas

(Southern Living)
I've always thought that monogramming adds a special touch to a room.  The above monogrammed headboard is absolutely stunning and makes this room incredible.  Actually, everything about this room is lovely.  The scale is perfect and those swing arm lamps on each side of the headboard are fantastic.   Don't you love how they disguised the lamp cords?  Notice how both sides of the bed don't "match" YIPPEE.  The textures and patterns coordinate beautifully together and the room has charm!!  I would love to be the guest in this house.
 Anyone game to let me use this room as the inspiration for their master bedroom redo?  Call me and I'll get right on it!

Pink and black always says something to me!  Such a feminine font too!  Remember the font is  important, pick one that has style.
Monogramming doesn't have to be in EVERY room but a touch of it here and there is beautiful.  Mix  up fabrics if you are making a pillow.  The casual burlap with the formal black fabric and shiny buttons is a good combination.  Tip:  Use a variety of different size buttons to get the right look.
(WB Pillows)
Wouldn't these 3 pillows be fun to make? 
All it takes is a stencil and some black fabric paint.  You can stop reading now....go to your local craft store and make these this weekend.  Adorable and they will look like you spent a fortune on them.  Make me 3 while you are at it.  I don't have a middle name so that might be a problem for me.
(Designer - Barclay Butera)
Love this room and all its textures.   The monogrammed pillow in the middle of the couch is what makes this room come together.  Barclay Butera spoke at the Design Bloggers Conference I attended last month and he has incredible talent as a designer.  The rooms he puts together always have such substance, color, loads of interest and I'm passionate about all the masculine touches he adds to each room he designs.
Gold on cream always looks so sophisticated.
Yellow and brown, so gorgeous.  The monogramming makes these chairs look important and grand.
Wonderful idea for a baby room.  What a great gift this would be. 

Simple and beautiful....  It doesn't have to be over the top!
(Cote de Texas)
The cording around the chairs that matches the monogram is what makes these chairs look so stylish with this rustic wooden table.  It marries the two together.
(Cottage Living)
Very Classy.
Perfect for an office or any lonely corner.  I'll take the console in the background too.
Black and white works every time.
(Neiman Marcus)
Again, simple and beautiful.
(Izaac Mirazi)
I'm in LOVE, are you?
(Johnathan Adler)
(Southern Living)
What a great way to make a lampshade shine!
I love giving monogrammed kitchen towels as gifts to friends and family.  A set of 8 napkins is always nice too.  Great gift for those that have everything.
What a unique piece of art made from wine corks. This would be beautiful in a shadow box.
Such creativity! 
A fun colorful bag is a great gift for any teenager, college student, teacher or new mom.  I love giving these away to a newly wed couple.  Everyone needs a beach bag filled with goodies.
Just a reminder to incorporate items with monograms, you won't be sad you did.
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