Hard Times

Now more than ever, people are exposed to decorating/home improvements for their home. With all the design shows inspiring us, it gets you excited about doing something new to your home. However, with the economy the way it is, we are all being very conscious about where our money is going and how we spend it. We all want to be able to improve our homes but don't want to break the bank while doing it.

I'm reminded during these hard times about the reason I started my business. I look all around me at designers and the services they offer. Most of them would tell you that you need to start from scratch and purchase all "new" items. My philosophy is to start with what you have and use as much of it as we can. There is no reason why we can't make your home beautiful on a reasonable budget. My desire is to make your home comfortable, functional & your personal style by using as much creativity as possible. Choosing a few really great items can make a room look fantastic. Selecting the right paint color can make or break a room. The beauty of good design is that it's a process that is created over time. Purchasing what you LOVE in order to make your home stand for who you are.

I just wanted to encourage you if you are feeling discouraged about finances right now. Maybe this whole financial crisis will bring us back to our homes where we will entertain, slow down, enjoy friends and enjoy the simple things. Everyone is talking about what a crisis our country is in; look at the bright side of things, my hope is that it brings us back to family and the home, the things we so often neglect when we get so busy with life.

Hope your home is filled with lots of love during these hard economic times.