Old doors become coffee tables.

I've always been in love with old doors!  Especially old rustic ones that have history!  If life weren't so hectic right now, I'd love to transform a door into a coffee table.  I've been committed to keeping the balance between family and work so this project will have to wait.  I'll share my dream with you.

I'm in love with this coffee table from Wisteria.com
Here it is placed in a room.
I think this blue paint color in this living space is beautiful.  The cream slip covered furniture is stunning placed on top of these beautiful wood floors.  Love that this room doesn't need a rug.  So open and fresh!
I can feel my blood pressure go up when I admire this table!  I want it so badly!
Instead of buying it for myself..... I'm proposing it for one of my client's I'm working with!  Good idea right?
The picture above shows the coffee table placed on top of a rug, I think I like it without the rug, don't you?
In order for you to have a unique item in your house, you can simply reuse or recycle old things and turn it into something that you can use. For example, an old door which is still in good condition can be restyled into a very stylish coffee table for your living hall or patio.

Yesterday I was antique shopping and here are a few doors that I thought would make great tables or definitely wall art!

These doors are amazing.  They were screaming "take me home"
These shutters would be awesome as a coffee table.  Would have to be in a room where the coffee table isn't used functionally but for decoration.  Maybe for a patio?
Wouldn't this be a great coffee table with glass placed in each panel?
Simple yet fun!
Here are some fun items/ideas you could place on YOUR coffee table. 
 I bought these while at the antique mall.

Old metal finials in a wooden bucket or petrified wood placed on a wooden stand.
Old weathered books are the best and add so much character and texture. 
I can't wait to see who use to own these bibles.  Imagine the notes in the margins.
You have to go to one of my favorite blogs, Velvet and Linen and read what she is doing with old books.
I read this this morning and went nuts!  I wanted to transplant myself into her living room to help her!
I can't make a coffee table right now but I have just finished a transformation on some "red barn doors" that my friend was getting rid of.  I gave her an hour design consultation and she gave me the shutters/doors.  Fun exchange.
I stripped the red paint off the shutters (they were originally in her sons room for a barn theme) and painted them black.  Amazing what paint can do.  Of course a lot more had to be done to them (thank you honey, so glad that doing things for me is your love language).  I added the hardware to make them more interesting and less "barn" looking and distressed them to death so they would have a weathered look.   
I hung them on the side of our house (in the front).  We had a big blank brick wall as you drive up (it's the garage wall) and I wanted a "shutter" effect to make the wall look more finished and united to the house.  It works well with the black wrought iron gate.
Here's also a quick look at how our gazebo is coming along.
It's now stained, waiting to be roofed.  My patio furniture is waiting patiently as I bite my nails with anticipation.
Paint something or renew something this weekend!