Old World Opulence

To look at a thing is very different from seeing a thing.
One does not see anything until one sees its beauty.
Oscar Wilde

While I was in Spain and France I took pictures of beautiful lamp posts, chandeliers & lanterns that I thought had great character. Here are some of my favorites.  

This one was my ultimate favorite!  I'd love a pair of these.
This one is outside the Notre Dame
The CROWN OF LIGHT Chandeliers in the Notre Dame in Paris. 
The stained glass in this church was absolutely breath taking!
These chandelier's are made out of solid copper.  They were as tall as me.
While we were in the church they had several on display that they were cleaning.  They are absolutely massive and so beautiful.
They are beautiful all lined up amongst the wooden pews.  Lighting makes everything have attitude and it was so surreal and quite in the Notre Dame.  We all sat as a family and had a special prayer.  You can't be in there without being in awe of God's Majesty.
Let your light shine this Christmas!