Paint or Wallpaper an Accent Wall

(Brown Davis Interiors)
I don't know about you, but I love to change things up, update and improve my home. However, I want to be able to do some of those quick transformations in a day or so.   There are times when we need to hire contractors to do big projects, etc. but I I LOVE to have attainable jobs that I can tackle without having to involve a crew of people or contractors.

My #3 quick tip for you to tackle over the next few summer months is:
Some of the most stunning ways to transform a space is by adding a color to one wall. It could be a kitchen wall, dining room wall, behind a china cabinet, a headboard wall, bookshelf walls, or even a ceiling.   The key to remember anything, you don't want to go overboard with this concept.  A little goes a long way.  You don't want accent walls all over your home.  Choose one room and go for it!
(Ann Rue Interiors)
Painting the wall in this niche made it so inviting and warm.  This particular paint technique looks like venetian plaster but you could just paint it a wonderful chocolate brown and then glaze it if you wanted.  I love the scallop around this niche.  I'm usually not a fan of a skirted table but this one looks beautiful with the backdrop of the accent wall.
(Elad Gonen and Zeev Beech)
This dining room would be a little stark and cold if this wall hadn't been painted.  A painted wall makes for a great backdrop for your artwork.  I would die for a table that seats 16 so easily.  Cool how the lighting reflects against the color too.
(Cary Bernstein Architects)
A headboard wall is one of my favorite ways to use color.  It's especially wonderful if you don't have a headboard and need that grandeur behind your bed.
(George Interiors)
The fireplace surround probably didn't look like anything special until it was painted and now it looks like it is claiming the room and stands proud!  The color also brings out the architectural interest of the home that wasn't brought to your attention before.
(Imagine Living)
See adding a bold color can change EVERYTHING!
(Myriam Payne)
A red wall is always a great compliment to any room! This room looks especially good in red because of the wonderful imported chandelier.   Be careful when choosing a red wall, it can also dominate too much if you aren't careful.
(Jana Collins)
A wide stripe accent wall is a strong statement too. 
(Michelle Hinckley)
How about these stripes for an entryway?
Some designers don't like paint or wallpapered accent walls but I'm one that LOVES the transition it gives to a space if done well.  These next few photo's are wallpapered accent walls that are absolutely done right! 
Ruthie's Design Therapist Tip:  Do not wallpaper with your spouse, it is the most stressful thing you can do to your marriage.  I learned from experience so trust me on this one! 
It can still be done in a day if you hire a wallpaper installer!!!
(Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.)
Don't you agree, this room is done right? 
(The Furniture Guild)
I don't know what it is about this wallpaper but it makes my blood pressure rise I love it so!
Beautiful addition to this bathroom, especially the way it coordinates with the flooring.
Imagine the fun you could have with the pattern on the towels!!
Such a fresh space.
(Amorosa Designs)
This white and gray combination is spectacular!
(Jason Ball Interiors)
What about adding it to a work area.
(SB Architects)
or a ceiling?
(Veranda Magazine)
I don't know about you, but I'm ready to start painting and unrolling!
That big wall that you had no idea what to do with can be painted!!!!!
Hope you were inspired and added some of these ideas to your "to do" list this summer.
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