Paintings that Inspire

I was inspired by the painting that I saw a few months ago while shopping in a local antique mall. They decoupaged tissue paper onto a canvas board and then used thumb tacks and curtain rod rings to enhance the painting. I decided to make my own rendition of the painting with the colors I love. Here it is in my guest room.
Also, couldn't remember if I posted this painting that I created for my sister. I found the below painting as "Hemispheres" and I loved the texture but not necessarily the colors. I decoupaged burlap onto the canvas to start with and then let dry overnight. I then layered the colors to the canvas. My sister LOVED it and it was a fun gift to give her. I put it into this great rustic frame that I re-stained after I found it at a thrift store.
Here's the result! Created with love for the very best sister EVER.

I've been keeping a file of paintings I like and often take pictures of random canvasas here and there.

When I went to Africa, I went into a Gallery and found a paintings that I liked because it has a modern twist to it. For those of you that know me, I love to mix styles and personally have eclectic taste for my own home. I usually tend to gravitate toward reds, black and golds. I'm trying to think outside the box a little and try something a little new.

These are my next few paintings that I'd like to try sometime. Maybe this fall when it's not SO hot here in Texas.

I found this old door at at a thrift store and I'm going to use it for an inspirational piece for a painting. Wouldn't this wrought iron piece look fabulous on a painted canvas? Can't wait to do this one.

Oh, never enough time in the day!