Pillows can be the artwork in any room

I found this embroidered pillow about 6 months ago in a thrift store and thought it looked like it had lots of potential. I love the beautiful colors and the black background.  The zipper was broken and the tassels around the pillow were all tattered and abused but I knew I could revive it's soul.
I brought it home, cut the tassels off, found some left over fabric from some antique chairs that I had reupholstered and called my wonderful friend Kelly who sews. 
She put the pillow together for me and I think it turned out beautiful, especially since it is two sided now.  Thank you Kelly for doing this for me and for giving me the gift of your time!  The best gift ever.
Here are the chairs I had reupholstered
I love the distressed finish on them.  They have a bench that matches.
Antique Kilm Pillow - made from a rug
Pillows are such a great way to add a punch of color to any room.  I tend to love monochromatic fabrics and designs on my upholstery pieces.  This allows you to then add layers of colors with the pillows, lamps and accessories. 
Adding this Kilm pillow to the above antique bench would make it really come alive, don't you think?
Maybe even two pillows.
For a TOTALLY different look, something like these pillows would be nice on the bench too!  It would create more of a casual feel.  See how a pillow immediately creates the style!  The above burlap pillows are very popular this season as well.  I love them!
I added this decorative stencil to these chocolate brown pillows and it made them have personality.
My daughter's had the cutest denim bags when they went to pre-school that they carried every day.  When they started getting old and tattered, I had the bags made into pillows for their beds.  I think they are beautiful and now there is a memory attached to the pillow!  Very sentimental!
These embroidered pillows are one of my favorites that I've had made.  I found the embroideries at an antique mall and loved them as soon as I saw them.  I had them made into these beautiful pillows and now they speak volumes to any of my guests when they come stay. 

One of my lifelong friends gave me this one and I adore it!  So true!
Someone spent hours on these masterpieces.  The colors are stunning.
This pillow was plane Jane until I added this fur blue fox broach that was on a coat.  It adds so much pizazz now and is one of my favorite pillows because of the addition.  I'm constantly on the look out for broaches to add to pillows.
This is one that I found this week.  I adore the bead work and the mink fur!  I wore it on one of my jackets this week and got lots of compliments.  Wouldn't this be beautiful on a pillow.  Now I just need to find the pillow.  I know it's out there somewhere with my name on it.  I'll post it when I find it so you can see how small things like this can add so much character.
I have this "Springbok" skin that I brought back for my husband on my last visit to Africa.  I'm not too crazy about seeing the animal shape so I'm having it made into a pillow.
This is what it should look like when it's finished.
I wish I could have it dyed red, I love this one!  Maybe I still could?
This embroidery use to be a pillow.  My husband's grandmother made it.  I loved it and had it framed.  Sorry for the glare!
There are all kinds of options out there for pillows.  These are from Ikea  and they just zip right over your existing couch pillows.  What a great way to add a stylish update to a room without having to change out the whole couch.  I added the above pattern to my kids sofa upstairs.  Made it look more fun!
Pottery Barn has these wonderful bird pillows.  Aren't they perfect for changing things up for Spring?  Bird fabric seems to be all the rage this season.  I love how they have displayed these white pillows with such a great rattan headboard, adding so much texture and the feel of the outdoors.
Here are a few from Wisteria that I've fallen in love with!
Beautiful Spring colors.
Blue's are making a big comeback this season too!

Adding leather makes a room so fantastic!!!!  I love everything about leather!  Perfect for adding a masculine feel to any room.  Also adding leather pillows to a formal room can really make it feel more comfortalbe and less stiff.  These are found at Restoration Hardware

Round pillows do wonders too.  Find different shapes that add some style and interest.
Don't get STUCK with square!
I ALWAYS, ALWAYS buy pillows that are down filled.  They are so much more comfortable to lean against and look so much softer and classier.
It's time to make some simple changes for a big impact.
See what "you" can do with pillows.
One more thing......Don't you think I NEED these pillows with the key!!  Wow, this has inspired me....maybe I need to stencil a vintage key next.
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