Pumpkin Makeover

All the postings I've been seeing lately on Pinterest and Facebook about painting pumpkins made me decide to transform one of my lovelies!
All I did is paint these stripes with black acrylic paint.  Easy as 1 2 3.
We have giant rocks outside our house and in the past I've had trouble keeping the pumpkins from blowing away or falling off the rocks. 
This year I found a wrought iron rack at a garage sale and decided it would be perfect for my pumpkins to keep them secure.   Don't know what it would have been used for previously?  All I know is that it will be great for my Christmas decor too!
Mr. scarecrow got a new hat this year too.
 Mrs. Scarecrow loves her new digs too. "Groovy" isn't she?
I've added pumpkins outside....
and inside too!  Love this time of year!
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