Rest and Relaxation

Every family needs rest and relaxation.  We love to camp as a family!  We will take our RV and camp right by the water somewhere peaceful.   This past weekend was one of those times.  There is something about being out in nature that makes you STOP EVERYTHING and enjoy!  No phones, no Internet (well we did find wifi) and no house chores to do!   I love being home but being away from home makes me turn my creative juices off a little so I can revamp and get refreshed.  I'm constantly decorating and creating in my head!
This is the view I looked at each morning while drinking my coffee!  The kids are getting ready to go out in the canoe to fish!
Does life get any better than this?  Cousin memories forever!
I caught up on some reading, chat time with my sister-in-law, time with my daddy and his wonderful wife! 
It was awesome! 
We are going to do more of this during the summer!  In Between decorating installs, camps, piano lessons, sewing classes, etc. 
Life is good when you take time to be with family and RELAX a little.
I did decide that I'm going to have new curtains made for the RV!!!  Gotta do a little decorating.