Ruthie's Easter/Spring Decorating Favorites

by:  Pottery Barn
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Spring is seen as a time of growth, renewal, of new life (both plant and animal) being born.  We are all starting to think about Easter and the renewal that brings to our lives.  I love this time of year because we gather with our families and friends to celebrate the resurrection of our savior.   I love this quote:
"Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not only in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime." Martin Luther
Beautiful reminder as we watch things start to bloom and blossom.
Speaking of needing renewal, I've been diagnosed with Asthma which has put me in bed for a few days to try and get myself well after an ER visit and many, many breathing treatments.  Trying to figure out what triggers the attacks.  In the meantime, I'm looking at it as a time for rest and trying to appreciate that.  It's hard for me to sit still but I'm learning that it's necessary for our bodies to recover. 
Martha Stewart Living
  So....what have I been doing while in bed?  You guessed it, catching up on Spring Ideas.  I've put together some images that are my favorites of the year.  For Easter, some like a formal table, some take their families to the park and some of us barbecue!  I've picked a few of my favorite Spring and Easter decor ideas to get your ideas flowing while you plan for this special time.  Thought I'd save you some Pinterest searching time. 
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by: Focal Point Styling
Painted metallic eggs - Love this look.
(by  Focal Point Styling)
My absolute favorite color combinations!  So refreshing for a new spring color combination, instead of pink and green.
Here are some other amazing ideas from Pinterest for eggs.
White Sharpie!  Just imagine what else you could do with these color!
Decoupage with tissue paper!
Black Chalkboard Paint brilliance.
(by Dreamy Whites)
Love the Pink and White!
Classy Spring decor from
Gorgeous color combinations with a pop of mossy green.
Perfect setting for a Spring brunch.
Cute as could be!
I posted this picture last year and still love it!
I love this collection of pink and yellow pots with a variety of potted plants.
I have an umbrella, I'm totally going to do this!
(Dreamy Whites)
Fresh picks from the garden.
Wow, cupcake paper cups.  Very creative.
(I love when blogs or websites watermark their pictures)
Spring into Spring with vintage bed springs.
These bunny cookies would make any tummy happy.
Burlap and moss is still all the rage this year. question of the day is, what do you think about this mesh ribbon?  I'm not that crazy about it but it seems to be everywhere in the crafting world.  I'd love to hear your personal opinion in my comments feed.
Check out this link Midwest Living for some more wonderful spring ideas.
Happy Spring Everyone!
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