Exterior House Painting

So glad to have my house painted. 
 There is something great  about getting to pick the color you want for your home.  The color we had when we bought our house 4 years ago was fine but it was a bit too "pinky" for me.  I lived with it because it had just been painted.  I did get to pick a new roof so I chose a dark slate because I knew I had plans for repainting later on.
(This is NOT my house)
Now that it's time to repaint due to peeling paint :) I was excited to be able to pick the colors I wanted. 
(Sherwin Williams Colors)
Color on the left was for all the trim, gutters and siding.  The one on the right was for all the exterior doors.
Picking the right color for your exterior is so important. It can really smarten up your curb appeal.  I drive by homes so often when it is getting painted and just squirm in my seat thinking that they are repainting their house and have chosen awful colors that don't even go with their brick.  One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is not HIRING A PROFESSIONAL to help them if they aren't good at choosing color.   We don't just choose colors because we love them or because they are on the sale rack.  (Nothing wrong with a sale but make sure it's the right color for your home).
I had several people ask me what colors I used because they wanted to use them for their home.  It doesn't work like that!  Each home is different and as a professional, we choose colors based on so many variables.  It's not just paint, it creates personality and adds value and character to your home.
See the "pinky" hue?
Like I said, the color was safe and matched the brick.  It just didn't have that real "classy" feel that I wanted.  I chose a color that I though would make the roof blend in a little better and make the home look rich.  I pulled the gray colors from the brick for the siding and then chose a darker color for the exterior doors.
I LOVE the sophisticated feel it has now.  The chimney looks great now too! It feels like mine now and there is no more PINK.  There is something great about making a place feel like YOURS.
My husband loves it too! 
SCORE, especially since he was unsure and I said "trust me honey" and he said "I do"
Now I just need to stain my front door and we are good to go for another 5+ years.
Thank you Sherwin Williams, you have pleased me once again!
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