Some regrets & other projects

One of  my passions is to find old furniture pieces and have them re-upholstered.  I found this couch and it had such great bones and character.  Purchased some black "brushed suede" fabric and had it redone.  Added the animal print pillows and I thought it was fabulous.  The best thing about the couch was that the cording was different than the main fabric.  Always remember to do something different with the cording because that contrast really adds so much to a piece.
I sold this couch to a really nice young couple and she was SO excited. 
I wonder if she would sell it back to me. 
I'm regretting selling it!
Another item I found was this old chair. 
I had these fabrics that I had picked up here and there and put them together and they made a great combination.
I couldn't part with this chair and ottoman and I'm glad I kept it.  It now lives in my guest room.
I wish I'd kept this chair for my office.  But I sold it to a couple
that was moving here from CA and needed a chair for their bedroom.
I found an old door at a thrift store.  I loved it because it had the inset panels on each side and knew I could do something creative with it.
About 6 months later I found the 3 individual medallions at "Salvation Army" thrift store and immediately thought of the door.  I had my artist friend paint the door this beautiful sage color and had her age the door's insets.   I later sold it to a photographer who was going to use it for his photography sessions as a backdrop.  NOW I'm wishing I had kept it.  In November I'm attending the Annual Colleyville Chamber of Commerce EXPO.
The door would have made a perfect back drop for my booth.  "The key to your decorating needs"  I could have hung keys from the door..... Oh well.  I'm going to try and replicate/recreate this door.  I'll post it when I finish.

Maybe a bigger version of the above.  I made this for a giveaway table at one point.  It was a picture frame and I put hinges on it and added a door knob.  The medallions added a special touch too.
  I think this will be my inspiration for the large door/backdrop???
 What do you think?  My logo could be at the top too.

2009 EXPO will be held on November 5, 2009 from 11am-2pm at Crown of Life Lutheran Church & School, 6605 Pleasant Run Road in Colleyville. Call the chamber at 817-488-7148 for more details.