Windows and Balconies in Spain

After looking at these pictures, you'll see why my neck hurt from looking up.  I was in a trance walking around this village in Spain (Pedraza).  Gorgeous, absolutely breath taking!

The views were spectacular.  Check out these rooftops as we looked out these windows.

Absolutely love this balcony above.  I'd love to frame it!
Here's the whole balcony and look at that door.  I'm going to do a post on all the doors I saw (get ready for a long post).
We at on this balcony overlooking a gorgeous courtyard!
This was our view!  Come on now, it felt like we'd gone back in time.The kids were skipping and playing just like they did in old times while we sipped wine and ate our amazing meal!
Walking back to the car, I took a few snapshots.
The above balcony is Downtown Madrid - gorgeous paintings on the buildings.
Everyone has such a different balcony and you never see dead flowers, always blooming beautifully!  Probably has something to do with not living in Texas.
Love these beams on top of the windows.  My husband made some for my kitchen about 5 years ago and I love them. They aren't inset like this but go on top of windows and doorways.  I've been able to make them work in both kitchens each time we've moved!  I'll never depart with them, especially since they were made with LOVE.
At the top of a castle looking out of the window!
Happy Tuesday to you!