Spanish Wall Complete

My wonderful husband finally finished our Spanish wall!
It was a long process because of all that was involved.  He had to run electrical, add a sprinkler system, add drains, build the wall with cinder blocks, add the stucco to the wall, paint, lay the pavers, etc, etc.   He is celebrating that he is done and I'm praising him for the finished product!  He actually made the wrought iron arch too, welded every piece of it from his leftover scraps! 
Visit this blog post here to see our gazebo process a couple years ago!  This wall is Phase II of the backyard project.
It's a great addition to the backyard and separates the pool area from the rest of the yard.  The white stone was discovered the first week we moved in about 3 years ago (probably left over from pool work) so we used it for this project.  I especially love how my husband placed it on the top of the wall and then also how he created a nice walkway through the arch.
We planted Jasmine and I can't wait for it to creep over the arch!
My husband created the lights while I was away on my missions trip to Spain.  They were my surprise (up on the wall and working) when I returned home and I LOVED them.   The funny part was that I purchased lights for the wall while I was in Spain and thought I'd surprise him!!!!!  Whoops!
I LOVED the ones he created so much that we hung the ones I purchased on the back of the house so they coordinate well!  Same concept and their shadows look delightful at night!
The up/down lights look beautiful at night too and I love looking out at the wall while I do dishes in my kitchen.
For the wall color, I mixed several paint colors to get just the right color I had in mind and then used a glaze to make it look older than it really is!
By the time springtime comes along,  I'd love to have a variety of pots and flowers like these to add a coloful flair to the wall!
We are now waiting for our house name plaque "Casa Roca" (Rock House) to finish the project off totally.  We named the house that since we have so many giant rocks in our front and backyard!
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