Spring fashion is in the air!

Wow, what a wonderful day we had today at the Colleyville Woman's Club 2010 Fashion Show.  The theme was "Rhythm and Hues" and it was definitely that and way more.  This was their 25th fashion show so it was so incredible. Jan Strimple Productions did such a beautiful job with the models and the production itself with the music and lighting rocked the place down.    The clothing was from Saks Fifth Avenue Galleria store.  I'm definitely going to visit their store because I LOVED all their ideas for Spring.  Very sophisticated, colorful and classy!  Below are some of my snapshots, sorry for any heads that are in the way!

The amazing and fun part is that usually what is going on in the fashion runway world is what comes into home design as well (colors, textures, fabrics, accessories, etc.). Today we saw lots of vibrant colors! Makes me happy because that is what I love!

What little cuties! 
The table centerpieces were donated by "Out of the Garden" in Grapevine
and they did a beautiful job as usual with their floral designs.
We had a saxophone player that did an outstanding job!!!
The silent auction went well and all the tables that I decorated really turned out fun!

Since our colors were red, I draped this red fabric on the tables and it coordinated so well with the carpet.  Lucked out on that one!
Don't you LOVE this little golf cart donated by Lexus.  Some child is going to have so much fun on this!!
I added lots of diamond sparkles to make the tables look more festive.  They looked stunning up against the black tablecloths.
We had some great baskets and lots of decorating items to bid on too! 
It was such a fun few days.  Lots of hard work done by SO many.  I met some new friends and was so happy to volunteer my time.  The best part was that all the money that this organization raises goes towards charities and scholarships for many that are in need.
Thanks to all you ladies that welcomed me in and made me feel a part of CWC!
I decided to have some fun with the whole fashion theme and come up with some Fashion Show Centerpieces that I thought would be amazing "using what I have."  What do you think??
Happy weekend!  Shop til you drop then crawl!!