SOLD in 3 months - Staging Works

I am always so elated when I hear from a client that their house has sold after I've helped them with ideas to sell it. 
I met with a client about 6 months ago and did a "walk-thru" of their home that they were wanting to sell.  This home sits on a fabulous lot!!  From the moment I walked in, I started giving them ideas on ways to enhance the space and make it feel more inviting.  I spent 2 hours with them giving them paint color suggestions, furniture placement ideas, small tips to make the architectural character of their house speak to the "new" future owners. 
Here are some after pictures of the space once all the changes were made.  Their home sold in 3 months and they are purchasing their new home now.  It's so exciting for me to see how a 2 hour consultation can help a client this much.  They spent a couple months doing all the things I suggested and were able to do a lot of it themselves.  I think they would agree with me that it was money well spent.  Especially in today's economy where there are many homes on the market.  YOU WANT YOUR HOME TO STAND OUT!
My client has already purchased a new home and I'm going to be helping them start over at their new place with "new" colors that are their personality.  It will be different this time because they are going to be wanting colors that are for them and not someone else.  This will be fun!