Staircase as focal point...

A staircase can be the focal point of the home! 
As you know one of the services I provide is a "Walk-Thru" Consultation. Visit DecRenew Interiors to read more about this service.
 A typical client for this kind of consultation is one that is stuck and just needs tons of inspiration to get them over the hump.  During this consultation I give ideas, answer questions, think outside the box, brainstorm with my client and most of all help them create a vision for their home.  A lot of times it is just small things that can make a dramatic change! 
My client usually has writers cramp by the time I pull out of their driveway!
I met with a client a couple months ago and one of the things we discussed  was her stairway!  She didn't want to go overboard ($$$) but wanted to smarten it up and make it look beautiful.
Sorry it's a little blury, she sent it from her phone.
 I suggested that she stain the "oak" banister because that made it look dated.  It needed to match the new wood floors.  I also suggested she paint all the spindles black which is what really made this staircase look updated!  The side molding was also painted a dark rich khaki (looks lighter in this photo). 
I was so happy when she sent me her before and after pictures.  I LOVE to see what my clients do after they have met with me, it means the world to me! 
oh my!
This week I met with another "Walk-Thru" Client and one of things she wanted me to help her with was this pathetic little arrangement. She bought some new florals to add to it to freshen it up but wasn't sure how to do it.
I took out the ugly, added the new, fluffed and tweaked and in a few minutes it was feeling much better and ready to face her dining room.
I'd love to see what you have transformed lately!