Stenciled Mirror Ornaments

I love to find or create unique gifts for Christmas.  We all have those people on our lists that we want to buy for but just don't know what to buy.   I've found that making them something unique is always a special touch and enjoyed by those that you create it for. 
Sorry, not a very good photo.  It's hard to take photo's of mirrors.
I found these mirrored ornaments about 4 months ago at Michaels in different shapes. 
I immediately loved them and decided I could do something fun with them for Christmas gifts.  I bought 20 of them.
I got out my stencil box and started experimenting.  This one was my first choice.
I got out some of my left over spray paints.  I tend to gravitate towards the metallic choices. 
 Copper being my favorite! 
 I placed the stencil on the mirrored ornament randomly (chose my favorite part of the stencil) and took the risk by pressing the spray nozzle. I lightly sprayed and made sure I was about a foot away from the stencil so the paint wouldn't bleed.
I finished one....
and another.... and I decided they would be a success.
They came with a tacky silver bow so I removed it and replaced it with the above translucent copper WIRE ribbon.
You could use any holiday stencil too.  I just happen to  like something a little more random.
Imagine what fun you could have with this mirror. 
Here is a link to a great stencil source - Dresslerstencils
I gave away a set as a gift exchange the other night and they were a hit.
Hope you are inspired and can create a treasure for someone else this Christmas.
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