Steppin' on painted floors

I was out and about antique shopping and I absolutely fell in love with these painted floors.  I'm so very tempted to try one of these designs in my bedroom.  Sometimes it isn't possible to replace all your wood floors.  Maybe they are still in good shape but you want a change.  Painting them is a great solution and can add so much interest to your space.
Each room in this Antique store had a different pattern.
Perfect for an entry.
This would be great in my office.
These designs got me all inspired to look into other design ideas.
Here are a few of my favorites.
Cottage Living Magazine
Can you imagine the detail of measuring this all out?  This sunshine yellow color on the walls is so elegant with these floors.
There are only certain rooms that can carry off these bold colors, especially bright pink.  The diamond floor pattern really pulls it together don't you think?
Cottage Living Magazine
These floors are perfect in this kitchen.  They works so well because the white painted stripe is the same width as the bead board on the cabinets.  Beautiful thought out detail.  The large scale clock is to die for and it is amazing how the bar stool bases compliment the round shape of the clock.  Black ALWAYS makes a statement and dresses up a room.
Such a restful room.  White painted floors add such a softness and "beachy/casual" feel to a space.  Notice how these chair styles don't match in style but they all have the same upholstery.  I'm crazy about the decorative branches in the corner.  With an all white room, they make a natural statement!

Painted floors on an angle, very creative and opens up the room tremendously.
Cottage Living
Very subtle but perfect for the decor in this room.
Looks like back breaking work.
I usually don't like green but this I like.  Rustic charm!
Wouldn't this pattern be fun in a hallway or game room? 
This pattern done in honey and ebony is one of my favorites.  It compliments the adjoining room beautifully.
Country Living Magazine
WOW, what detail!
Here are a few WILD ideas.
My girls would love this!
Painted floor by  PG Model
Brave but could be amazing in the right room.
Benjamin Moore has an epoxy paint that takes a while to dry but makes a drastic difference to a Parquet wood floor that REALLY needs help.
Can you believe the difference this made????
The wall color made this room look even more gorgeous!
Have a great Sunday!