Texas Capital in bloom

I recently took the day off work and went to Austin as a chaperone with my 7th grader to see the Capital of Texas. 

It was a colorful day in AUSTIN!

The sky was a beautiful blue and the weather was absolutely perfect!
We admired beautiful architecture inside the Capital building and outside.
These were the beautiful spring flowers that were on the capital grounds! 
Such vibrant colors!  Aren't they stunning?  What a beautiful combination, the white really makes all of them work together!
We visited the Texas State Cemetery and that was very inspirational.
I loved this picture with all the students walking amongst the Texas flags.
It's spring time and the grass and trees are so GREEN! 

Does anyone know why there are no flowers on military graves?  I was going to ask but didn't get the chance.

This is a sculpture that O’Connell, Robertson and Associates of Austin created of the Twin Towers. 
I found this fascinating.  These are actually metal beams from ground zero.

Simple and rustic but this sculpture spoke loudly.

All the students were really quiet as we honored these Texans. 
You totally get the sadness because we all experienced that day.

I would have love to have been sitting next to Joanna as she sewed this flag.  Imagine the conversation that went on?  I wonder what inspired her to do this? 
Joanna (or Johanna) Troutman, designer of an early Texas Lone Star flag, was born on February 19, 1818, in Crawford County. This is her portrait that hangs in the Capital building.  The flag was made of white silk, bearing a blue, five-pointed star and two inscriptions: "Liberty or Death" on the obverse and, in Latin, "Where Liberty dwells there is my country" on the reverse. 
Fun was had by all the students in the Bob Bullock Museum.
Taking a day off to be with my daughter was a great reminder of how the simple things in life are the best.  We had a great day enjoying the crisp spring day and it made me feel fortunate and blessed to be a part of this beautiful state!  If you haven't been to Austin, it's a great weekend trip and well worth it. 

I may have taken the day off but my designer eye was still at work.  We passed this construction site while on the bus going to the cemetery.  What in the world are they building?  My guess was an art studio?  Any guesses?
Oh, and....