Thank you Traditional Home and Grandma Lottie

I feel so honored to have been selected to be a part of the first Edition of Great Kitchens by Traditional Home.   Here is the e-mail I received this morning!
Drum roll, please! Editor in chief Ann Maine and I are pleased to announce that our Thermador-sponsored Great Kitchens digital issue is now live:

Thank you so much for being a part of this exciting project. We look forward to your blogs, as well as your tweets and facebook posts! Enjoy!

Marsha A. Raisch
Executive Editor
Traditional Home

Thank you readers and friends for all for your support! 
I also want to thank my photographer Marquette Bellinghausen with Simple Treasures Photography for taking such great photo's of the kitchen.  She is incredibly talented and has a spunky, fun personality behind that camera  that is contagious and loved by so many!
We had a fun day together and had some good laughs!
I also want to thank my client for allowing us to come in and invade her kitchen for the photo shoot.  She has been so supportive and has been my greatest cheerleader! 
Because of Grandma Lottie (see article), my client has a beautiful kitchen and can now make her famous brownies that everyone loves!!! 
Grandma Lottie passed on a gift to all of us!  I have a feeling she has been watching us from above and is feeling pretty blessed herself!
Have a great long weekend with your family and friends!
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