Thanksgiving/Christmas in Madrid

Our family went to Madrid, Spain for Thanksgiving to visit our good friends.  We had an amazing trip with a 3 day trip to Paris as well.

Over the next few weeks I'll post some pictures from our fabulous experiences as well as some of the treasures that I found along the way. It was a trip of a lifetime and we are so grateful to our friends Jason and Becca for making it possible for us.  They were truly so generous to us! 

I thought I'd start by showing you some photo's of what downtown Madrid looked like the night before we left.  We were fortunate that they had just lit up the whole downtown and we got to experience a bit of their Christmas before we left.  I say a "bit" but it was GRAND.  We all walked downtown and it was AMAZING to see what they do for this special holiday.  Some of these photo's were taken in the car so I apologize if they aren't the greatest.

My favorite - the photo doesn't do it justice.  All the snowflakes were was breathtaking.
Their Christmas Trees were all so very different.  Each one unique.  Loved this one!  We counted about 12 of these great big trees and I'm sure there were more.
The "bubble" street
This tree was stunning.
I'm crazy about the blue and white lights together.
All the trees had such beautiful color!
These lights were over the wrought iron gates.
Giant present-imagine if this was your balcony?
The Love tree
This is how each street looked. 
Each street had different lighted ornaments hanging.
Simply beautiful!  My neck was sore from looking up but I couldn't help myself!  I was in heaven.
The girls loved these butterflies.
Enjoy your Christmas decorating!