The Face Behind DecRenew Interiors; Introducing Ruthie Staalsen

I always love to be able to see the face behind a business. It makes it more personal and makes me feel more comfortable with the company I'm getting ready to hire. In this day and age, we are able to see behind the scenes so much more than we ever have. With Facebook Live, Instagram stories and so many other social media platforms, it really is amazing how you can feel like you know more about a person before you hire them. Sometimes hiring an Interior Designer to come into your home is a scary and intimidating thought. Hopefully this video gives you an inside look into what we are all about here at DecRenew Interiors. We want to be known for our commitment to our clients and  CONNECT LIFE AND HOME. We are all so busy and rush from one thing to another these days. Our goal is to bring families HOME to their humble abodes where memories begin and family time happens. Let us help you make your House a Home.

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