Thrifty Finds!

I was between appointments today and decided to stop in and check out a couple "thrift" stores and "consignment" stores while I had the time. I always enjoy looking for treasures. These are a few of the things I found.

Each item was found at a different place, can you believe how nicely they all go together. I have a lamp base that will be perfect for the pleated, linen lampshade. I love quirky pottery with great earth tones and may steal this for my toothbrush and toothpaste in my bathroom. The pillow is down filled and the embroidery work really caught my eye (still had the original price tag on it - $65). The leather "faux" book has a wonderful distressed/aged look. I went into a retail store later today and saw the same book for 6 times the price I paid for this one "thrifting".

These items probably won't end up in the same room but I was excited and amazed that all the items I purchased today coordinated so well together, I love it when it works like that.

It brought JOY to my day. Small treasures delight the heart! Go looking for yours, it's fun!