Top 10 Tips for 2007 Christmas Decorating

1. When you unpack your tree and your garland you have to remember that it has been in a box for a year and it doesn't look pretty. Take time to fluff it up and make it look alive and real. Take each branch and work with it to make it look alive again. You will be amazed what a difference this makes.

2. Ribbon and bows need to be reworked too. Most ribbon has wire and can be made beautiful. Your bows shouldn't be flat.

3. Update your wreaths by adding new decorative balls or new ribbon. Get your glue gun out and add some new sprigs of eucalyptus or additional pine cones. Joannes Fabrics has a new isle this year that has picks in a box and you can purchase unique picks to add to your decorations. Add "real" pine to your wreaths and garland.

4. Don't overdecorate. It can start to look cluttered, taking away from the beauty of all your items. Have large scale items rather than tons of small items. The small things start to get lost in the clutter. If you do have a lot of small items, group them together so they can be seen as a collection.

5. This year's trend is "sparkle". Add sparkle to your tree by purchasing just a few new ornaments that shine.

6. Place items in front of mirrors. Hang a wreath on a mirror. The reflection makes it look like there is more to your decor.

7. Place a few items on top of your fridge to put Christmas into the kitchen.

8. To make your Christmas tree seem taller, place it in a garden urn that has a pedestal. This will add height and make it look amazing.

9. Spray paint pine cones with sparkle glitter spray. Another idea is to spray with spray adhesive and pour glitter all over them.

10. Add a touch of Christmas to your plants/trees, etc. by adding an ornament or a Santa to them.

Remember that "Less is More"

Keep it simple and beautiful!