A trip down memory lane

(BEFORE transformation)
(Sorry for the blur)
I found a set of prints yesterday that I was immediately drawn to!  Both pictures of Paris reminded me of our trip last year right around this time.
We visited Notre Dame
and the Eiffel Tower.
We had an amazing 5 course meal at a quaint little restaurant very close to Notre Dame and then walked the streets of Paris after dinner (walked across the bridge in the picture).  It was a magical night with friends!  No words can describe the feeling of romance that was in the air! 
I purchased this set of pictures because they triggered my fond memories of this great trip.   What I didn't like about them was the gold frames and decided to paint them black.
(Close up of the transformation)
A black wash did the trick and now I'm happy with their new look.  There is also something wonderful that takes place when you put your own stamp on an accessory/painting, etc. that has meaning to you.  You end up admiring it and enjoying it a whole lot more because you have put some love and time into it.
I always buy what I LOVE (if it's a good price of course) and then figure out how I can incorporate the item into my home. 
Our dining room has a few things in it that tell stories of our travels so now we have our Paris trip added to the mix. 

They also add some height to the room.
This was our Thanksgiving Feast on Thanksgiving Day
last year in a park in Paris. Casual and the best Thanksgiving EVER.
(French Cheeses, fresh bread and expensive wine = DIVINE.
While I had the black paint out, I dug up this oil painting that I found last month for $2.00 at a flea market.  I was drawn to the vibrant colors and the vintage feel it portraits.  (You can see I've started in with the black in the above picture).
Close up of "old frame"
 It needs some love and care.  Doesn't look awful but some aging technique will add some depth and character.
 It got painted with a black translucent wash and it speaks to me now!
Much richer!
Hung now in my guest bathroom along with this old mirror (actually it was a tray that belonged to my husband's side of the family). I think they make a great marriage, especially against this terra cotta wall.
It makes me smile that the painting has a date on it - 1968.
What have you incorporated into your home recently that you love?

"Vintage items, antiques and flea market finds both show a "carefulness" and a "carelessness," in a way." - Ruthie Sommers

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