Vintage Lamps and Camels on the beach?

I found this vintage lamp at an estate sale. It was covered in dust and looked incredibly worn out.  I loved the color of the glass and knew it could/would be a gem.  My intern Audra painted the base black and we spiffed up the glass! 
It is now a shining star in my living room.  I love it combined with my camel saddle that I've had for about 10 years (also found at an estate sale).  Don't you love the vibrant color combinations?  I thought showing you the picture in black and white first would be cool?
The saddle under my glass table is important to me because of my memory riding camels on the beach in Kenya! 
That's my brother behind me displaying his free spirit!
These two beauties were also given a makeover.  My neighbor across the street had them on the curb for garbage day and I couldn't just leave them there.  They were brass and looked really dated to me but had great lines.  I made sure they worked and my intern did a great job painting them.   I love some old brass lamps but these needed help!  We will add a cute shade to each of them and they will be adorable in the right spot!
Happy Friday!  Remember that the weekends are great times to find great deals at estate sales!  Look for a diamond in the rough.  There are some great treasures out there.
Ridden a camel on the beach lately?  Happy Weekend!
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