Volunteering at Grace

Today the girls and I served at Grace here in Grapevine. When I told the girls this morning what we were going to be doing, they were very hesitant. I often visit the Graceful Buys Store and they know all about that because we have found some great treasures there.
I told them that we were going to get to see behind the scenes as to how all those items get into that store. I explained to them the concept of a charity and how the $$$ from the store goes to about 1,500 families in Grapevine who really need it. We arrived at Grace's donation center and they showed us around. It was fascinating to see how many people it takes to run this charity. There were at least 40 volunteers there doing everything from accepting goods, sorting clothes, pricing, bagging toys, sorting linens, mending clothes, sorting books & videos and the list goes on and on. I had heard that they needed floral arrangements made and I thought the girls and I could have fun doing this. We actually did! We made about 20 arrangements all "using what they had". They had about 10 bins of greenery and floral stems. Now this could be overwhelming to some but because I LOVE to make something out of nothing we had a blast. The best part was we got to price everything and they got to add up how much each arrangement would sell for. They began to understand how it all worked and how their effort was going to contribute to a needy family. We had a great day serving together doing what we do best! Knowing someone else will enjoy them made us leave happy! The girls got in the car and said "can we do that every Saturday, that was fun?"

The pictures aren't the best because I had to use my cell phone. At least you get the idea.

They were so proud of their work.