Ruthie's "Walk-thru" Consultation Inspires


I'm extremely passionate about my "Walk-thru" consultations.  As you know this is how I originally started my business.  Hourly consultations have always been my specialty and I absolutely love them.


I recently met with a couple that wanted to remodel their master bathroom but didn't know where to start.  They had some thoughts about what they wanted but didn't know how to implement their ideas.  I met with them for 2 hours and helped them define their style and made suggestions for colors, textures, granite choices, tile colors, lighting, accessories and many other details.  Yesterday, they sent me this note:  "

 "Hi Ruthie! Here's a quick video tour of our bathroom. Your guidance was so helpful!! We couldn't find mirrors and lights in the shape and scale we really wanted but are pleased with these second choices. Thanks again for all your help!!"

You can watch the video below.  I added music to make it fun.

Master Bathroom Remodel

Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if you are a candidate for one of these specialty consultations.

Getting too many opinions? Confused about what color paint to use? Dealing with contractors or homebuilders that need your choices NOW? Just moved and cannot figure out how to make things work in your new home? Just married and consolidating? Kids are grown and now you don't know what to do with the space? Sprucing up and need ideas? Have ideas but just need someone to bounce your ideas off of? Need ideas to save you money? Selling your home and need suggestions for updates? Want to receive some design ideas or a glimpse of what we could accomplish, before committing to a full service design project?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, my walk-thru consultation is for you. This consultation is perfect for the DIY that is looking for inspiration but wants to take the lead and finish out the project. Have your pen and paper ready to take notes! We will meet at your project for up to 2 hours and together walk from room to room, discussing design ideas, paint colors, solutions to your decorating dilemmas and design challenges, ways to incorporate using what you have, and suggestions for any new furnishings and accessories.

Call me if you would like to schedule your "Walk-thru" Consultation!