Waterlogue App and office inspiration

I recently came across the greatest App called "Waterlogue."
It allows you to upload your photos and transfer them into sketches, watercolor photo's, etc.  
What I found interesting is that the watercolors show the lines that I see in my brain before I even start working on the job.  Waterlogue
 It emphasizes the, shapes, colors, textures and detail that I think of while processing my thoughts as to how the room should all come together.
  For instance, in the above  photo you can see how the staircase work beautifully with the floor, paintings and coffee table.  The horse head on the coffee table works beautifully with the pillows, etc.  My trained eye is what makes a room look pulled together with ALL the elements use.  It's not just about shopping for items, it's about selecting just the right items for each room.
 I love how you can see the shapes incorporated in the design in each watercolor.
Anyone can purchase furniture, accessories, artwork, unique architectural pieces and rugs. 
 However, pulling it all together is where a trained eye comes in.   Lots and lots of experience with the layering of objects and furniture.
 We Designers make it all come together and use unique items you wouldn't have thought of.
Often times I'm working with a client and they can't see how it is all going to come together.  I can literally see this sketch in my head and know it will all work together when finished.  The details truly are what make the client LOVE the end result in the end.
I've been thinking about how I can re-decorate my office lately and this Waterlogue App inspired me. 
 I'm going to have all these "new watercolor" photos enlarged, matted and framed.  I am then going to create a gallery wall of them all. 

They are all jobs I have completed and I love the idea of them hanging in my office.  As you go through this post, take a look at the detail and you will notice all the elements I'm talking about.  Each room is scaled perfectly, has a variety of shapes, texture and all the colors are married together somehow.
Have fun as you look through each one.  See if your eye can connect the dots.

What do you think?