Way to go Nancy

I met Nancy several months ago. We did a "walk-thru" in her home where I spent 2 hours giving her ideas; furniture suggestions, paint colors, lighting placement, accessory ideas, etc. for her kitchen, dining room and living room. She was so much fun because she was very enthusiastic. I could see her getting more and more excited as we talked about all the inspiring ideas and the VISION I had for her home.

She just sent me photo's of her living room so I could see the new furniture arrangement, paint colors and also see some of the accessories she purchased based on all my suggestions. She did an amazing job!
You could do this too. Sometimes you just need to be inspired and have someone give you direction. We all get "stuck" at times. That's where I come in.....I'd love to help you with your VISION. Call me today and set up a "walk-thru" for your home. It's worth every penny.
Happy Decorating!