Young Executives Colorful Dallas Townhome


It has been such a privilege to work with my recent client. She is young and has been extremely successful.  Recently purchased a beautiful town home and called me to help her add personality and fun to it.


She had a few accessories, a small round bistro table and a beautiful town home to work with.  The furniture that we couldn't use, she donated to charity.


(dark and drab)


Being that she is young and fun, I presented a design plan to her with color and crisp freshness. She loved it and we got started right away!  We painted all the walls a soft gray and that in itself transformed the entire room.


The beautiful watercolor that you see in the hutch below was my inspiration for the room and helped us incorporate some of the existing blue accessories she already had and loved.


I found the used china cabinet below and had it professionally repainted, bringing it up to date!  It had such great bones and I knew the curved arches would add interest instantly.


 The outside was painted a rich gray and the inside was painted a light gray to showcase all the colorful accessories I added.

My client does not like a cold modern, contemporary style.


 My goal was to make her home feel updated,  functional and comfortable but also give it a feeling of youthfulness and style.


 She wanted it to be a place that  is a casual refuge for her to come to after a long day at the office.  I placed some old leather books, along with some pottery she had and mixed in unique artwork.  I also found these antique wallpaper stamps and they make a great conversation piece placed in the cabinet.


 It now exudes a colorful, free spirit just like she has.






A wonderful tufted ottoman is a place where all feet can rest comfortably!




The existing table she had now looks to scale, especially underneath her new chandelier.


Underneath the large front window we added a new console table.


I found these two fabrics and knew combined they would be perfect for her style.  Blown glass vases inbetween the lamps are showcase pieces now with the light shining in on them and above them.  They also have a bit of sparkle so that was a fun surprise for her.




The mantel was painted black. I proposed to my client that we move the mantel up due to the wierd space between the ledge and the mantel however, due to the budget, she decided that could be done later.  We worked with what we had for the mantel and I think it turned out nice.






My client returned home after being at a meeting all day and fell into her  comfortable couch and immediately started enjoying her NEW room!  She had the wrought iron shutters already, we just rehung them somewhere else.


Team DecRenew was extremely tired after a hard day with an extremely early start; 3 truck deliveries, 2 cars full of breakables and flowers, a wonderful handyman, my assistant Lesley with her crazy good  organization skills  and "get it done" attitude, and of course Tim my drapery installer that always does his magic.  I couldn't do it without them all!


It was hard work and required a ton of planning ahead of time,  but it was all worth it.


Fun, happy, casual and inviting!


 I could live here, couldn't you?

Watch this before and after video of the space!

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