5 minute ideas for your home.

This wreath needed a change.  Those of you who know me know that I LOVE to change things up.
I added these feathers and now it's got some fun to it.
Quick change (took me 5 minutes) and I feel like it's NEW.

Remember the silver tray that I found and  posted about 2 weeks ago.
I realized that it was a perfect fit for my French book that I got while I was in Paris.

I love the silver with the old book.  The contrast is beautiful.  Tattered and worn with the silver reflection is perfect.
French is such a beautiful language.
I picked up this little bag of shells at a thrift store a while back because of the "coral" in the bag.  TREASURE.
Love it!
Completed vignette.  All from thrift stores and flea markets.
All have a special meaning to me too. Your home should be full of things you've collected over time and create a story as you add to it.
As a decorator, my job is to help YOU do that!
When I opened up my little bag of shell treasures, these soap stone turtles were in there too. I'm not a "turtle" person but these are adorable.
Take 5 minutes today to make one quick change!