Easy Unique Focal Point

Years ago I was inspired by this picture in the November 2000 Traditional Home Magazine.
I loved this photo because anyone can layer beautiful frames on a wall.  It makes a blank wall a focal point.  How many special photo's do you have that are "small" like the photo right in the middle of all these frames? A picture of a family member, baby, special friend?
 How about displaying it like the above and making it the focal point of the room.
I have a passion for frames and collect many different ones old and new.  Here's how I've used some of them.
This one is in my kitchen - I found  it and the mirror was broken.  I took the mirror out and thought it was beautiful all alone.
These two frames I placed above my living room door and they speak volumes and create lots of conversation.
These wood columns look great with a frame around them.  Having the frame the same color as the columns makes it look like a piece of art.
Having oil paintings framed can be expensive.  How about layering an old painting with a new silver picture frame.  This one is in my laundry room.  Your laundry room can be beautiful too, we spend a lot of time in there!!!
This one is just leaning on a shelf in a bathroom.  Creates height when you need it. 
Dig up your old frames, dust them off and try layering them or showcasing them with other items.  (Just remember don't overdo this.  Just place a few like this or it can take away from its uniqueness).