African Safari Style

Londolozi Lodge
South Africa
 Being that I grew up in South Africa, I'm always drawn to resorts like the ones below because of what I call a unique style of decorating, "African Safari."  I wouldn't want this style in my entire home but I do love touches of my history incorporated here and there.  The items I have tell a story about my life and make my home personal.
(Lodges at Londolozi)
Just like a great "Safari" outfit, I love a home that has this classic look too.  Monochromatic with a punch of color and texture. 
(Lodges at Londolozi)
I thought I'd show you a few of my favorite "African Safari" spaces and explain what makes this style so appealing.
The resort below is an incredible 5 star Lodge situated in the North West Province in the scenic Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa. 
(Royal Madikwe)
What a gorgeous setting!

If you are looking to add some excitement to your home, the beautiful kaleidoscope of colors, organic rich textures and primal patterns of African motif can get the job done with stunning elegance.
Nothing like the colors of an African sunset.
Mosquito netting is something I remember having as a kid.  I didn't think it was romantic then!  Now, I guess it's more of a trend to have this romantic look!

African safari decorating offers an appealing approach to any home design with its blend of African influence and European Old World style. This lifestyle is total relaxed living, offering a natural and comforting environment.

Authentic Safari inspired theme usually has down-filled quilts and mosquito netting atop a four-poster bed. There are usually bed linens and cushion covers made of cotton lace, painted fabrics from adorning cushions and upholstery.

Earthy tones such as browns, rusts, golds and burnt oranges are predominant throughout African safari decorating, with fabrics and pottery offered in a wide range of patterns and colors to complement any decorating style. Fabric embroidered threads are often colored with plum, yellow, red, brown and black, and are made from local plant dyes, creating the beautiful color palette so popular in the African motif.
Safari-oriented furniture can come in a variety of different flavors, and is often adorned with various different animal hides, including leather, leopard spots, zebra stripes or tiger skin. Traditional hand-painted fabrics, woven wools and cotton textiles serve to complete an impressive look.


Love that this decor isn't intimidating.  It's comfortable with a rustic elegance.  African wall hangings, such as masks, animal skins, or hand-forged copper works add a definite touch of African culture.

This plum color is a fun addition to the space and is often used in African decor.
Just look at this beautiful thatch roof!
Draperies add such a Safari tent feel to this room.
Great way to display these horns.
Safari style done so well.  A little touch of a tribal print on the pillows and a few other wooden wall hangings here and there.  Not over the top, just enough to make it feel like you are in Africa.
Safari elegance.


Lots of open air spaces in Africa.

I can just imagine the views of the game reserve from this spot!
African beads adorn this tufted ottoman.  Notice the little wooden bowls too.  The stack of vintage suitcases on the top shelf adds incredible texture and interest.  The above picture is a great example of how you can incorporate a touch of African Safari style to your home without going overboard.
Layered wooden trays made by the local Africans.
Adore this!!  I want this for my home!  This is gorgeous vignette.
I can feel a nap coming on under this thatch!  This is where you can have breakfast and watch for the local animals.
What a beautiful animal! 
African fabrics come in an array of weaves and textures, and offer the opportunity to bring creativity to any room in your home with vibrant geometric design. 
Dinner or breakfast surrounded by African jungle sounds appealing as long as they keep the lions away!
African pottery adds a beautiful touch to any bookshelf.  These colors look like an African sunset!
I can see this on top of some decorating books on a bookshelf or layered with other pots like it on a lovely hand carved tray.
A modern design with a touch of Africa at the foot of the bed.  Delightful.
A warm space with touches of African pottery and colors here and there.  These earth tones make for a relaxing space.
After looking at all these photos, my heart longs for Africa, my homeland.  I wouldn't even have to stay in one of these luxurious rooms, I would be happy in one of these Safari tents.
How amazing would this be? My sister graduated from Rift Valley Academy in Kenya.  For her Senior trip they went on a Safari and stayed in tents similar to this. 
At night they had guards that sat by the flaming fire to keep the lions away.  Yikes!
This setting is amazing!
Hope you enjoyed this quick visual trip to Africa. 
I'd love to take my family on a Safari, it's one of my dreams!
Dreaming big,
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