All Natural Coffee Table - My love of the week

Elegant Homes Magazine
 When you are constantly around beautiful things it is so much fun and I count it as a blessing that I enjoy my job so much.  However, what happens is that you get use to being surrounded by gorgeous furniture, accessories, rugs, lighting, etc. that sometimes it becomes hard to find things that just make you stop and say ahhhhhhh, how unique!   
This week, with all the snow we've had here in Texas, I've had some time to curl up with a magazine by the fire and catch up on my reading.  The above coffee table in a magazine caught my eye immediately. I love it when things get me excited like that!  So natural, unique and simple.  Adds so much character to this modern living room. 
Strive for harmony and balance with pairs of things - chairs, vases, sconces - then throw in something offbeat to keep the ambience from getting stiff.

This coffee table is definitely off beat and creates amazing ambience!
Hope you get some down time this week to enjoy some beautiful things!