Architectural Elements & Urns

Two of my favorite elements to decorate with are architectural pieces and urns.  I think they make the grandest statement to any room.  They both add extreme character and interest to any space. 
I think what I love about them is their scale.  Usually large and take up lots of wall space, allowing you to be free from lots of nick nacks and clutter.  Simplicity is beautiful.
Here are a few Architectural Elements that inspired me!
Jann Jaffe - Designer
Traditional Home Magazine - 2004
This headboard has always been my absolute favorite architectural piece.  Originally installed in the Vanderbilt estate in Newport, Rhode Island, the carved arch makes a dramatic headboard.
Jann Jaffe - Designer
Traditional Home Magazine - 2004
Don't these columns add so much interest to this doorway?  Columns found at a flea market make the house look older than it really is and adds amazing character, dressing up this doorway with such style and sophistication.
These columns are definitely a statement in this entryway.
The fact that they are painted an "old world" distressed color that is different  than the walls makes them feel like artwork in the room.  Of course this mirror is incredible with the lamps accompanying it.  Notice how it goes right to the ceiling! 
Adding these old shutters to the window is a great idea.  The best part is that they can slide shut for privacy.

Traditional Home Magazine
A wooden piece on the mantel is a nice fit for outside.  The rounded shape adds incredible interest to this outside patio.
Makes me ready for summer.
Traditional Home Magazine
Statues are a great piece of architectural art too! 
Love these old plaster urns with the tropical greenery.  Can't you just hear the sound of water flowing in this room?  There is probably some kind of water fountain or pool.
Garden statues used indoors is an amazing way to decorate a space.
Traditional Home Magazine
Candlesticks make a great architectural piece.  Who says they HAVE to have a candle in them.
Elegant Homes Magazine
An old mirror on a mantel that looks like it use to belong in an old church.  The candlesticks look like they were made from staircase banister pieces. 
Elegant Homes Magazine
This master bedroom's headboard, an Italian altarpiece found in a Houston antique shop, blends with the rustic architecture.  I'm crazy about this piece!
DecRenew Interiors - Ruthie Staalsen

This was an old mirror that I found.  The mirror was broken so I took it out and made it into a headboard for my client that lives on a ranch.

URNS that inspired me!

Traditional Home Magazine

These black urns on each side of the fireplace speak volumes flanked on each side of this fireplace.  The black makes a bold statement.

Traditional Home Magazine

Welcome - that's what these urns say!  The floral arrangement is simply stunning.  Large scale items make the best statement!!!!

Elegant Homes Magazine
Old urns on pedastools is a great way to make an entry feel even grander than it is.
Elegant Homes Magazine
This live greenery speaks volumes to this room in this old antique urn.  It says "this room is alive and well."
Traditional Homes Magazine
The above room has 3 urns behind the couch.  The best part of this design is that the urns are black.  This traditional room has a very monochromatic color scheme.  Adding the black urns really adds a punch to the room and has created an amazing focal point in front of the decorative antique mirror.  The one in the middle rests your eye and the fact that it's a different size and shape is perfect.
The simplicity of adding fruit to a small urn is wonderful.  Who said your entry table has to be FULL of accessories?

The architectural columns give height to these old rustic urns filled with gourds.  These urns would be fun to fill for each season.
This room is beautiful and so ecclectic with the different seating around the table too.
Traditional Home Magazine
This dining room has a formal traditional touch to it.  By adding this rustic urn to the table it has made this room feel more inviting and casual.   Simple additions like this can change up a room immediately.
As you have heard me say before, you want your rooms to be used.  If they are too formal, it creates a unwelcome, stiff, intimidating feel to the room.
A close up of this rustic urn allows you to see what a great base it makes for the arrangement. I love it when objects that would usually be outside are brought indoors to add a relaxed feel to the room.
Architectural Elements & Urns that I've incorporated in my home.
I purchased plain shutters and had a faux artist paint them for me (I showed her a picture of exactly what I wanted).  I added hardware to the doors and we are enjoying them at the top of our stairs.  My installer's had a hay day hanging them!
DecRenew Interiors - Ruthie Staalsen
My husband made these wooden pieces for me to put over each door in my kitchen.  He distressed them and added large railroad tie nail heads to them.
The kids had fun beating these up with chains to make them look old.
  They were my birthday gift about 5 years ago - they each came in the room holding a beam singing Happy Birthday.  A treasured gift....made with love.
Found this old ceiling tile at an antique store, it lives in my kitchen.
Old plaster architectural piece found at an antique mall now hangs in my living room.
This is my favorite urn and it lives in my entry.
Love its patina!!
Don't be afraid to incorporate architectural pieces and urns to your home.  Have fun and collect them over time.