"All Natural" Spring Break

We went to the Hill Country close to Austin for Spring Break and really enjoyed it!  We traveled with family so that made the trip even better.  The kids got to hang out with their cousins and that was extremely fun for them!
We experienced hikes, the kids got to use our canoe on the lakes and rivers and the weather was divine!  Only one day of rain.
This beautiful swimming hole was on one of our hikes.
Here are some highlights from the trip. I love photography and on the hikes we took, I was always way behind everyone taking pictures and thinking about all the natural elements that  make such great design.
This was a great tower that everyone climbed.  Of course, I loved the modern wrought iron work along with the stone work.  The blue sky was spectacular. 

Great view at the top too!
Love the variation in each stone.
These texture and colors are so naturally handsome.
The sunshine on the green leaves were so eye catching.  Especially since we haven't seen sunshine like this in so long.  Spring is here!  Great vibrant colors to look forward to.
The small streams were so soothing and the sound of water pouring over the rocks is therapeutic
This log looked as if it had a soul because of the eye that stared back at me.  Do you see it?

This would make a great architectural piece
The reflection of the light on the water is so fresh and clean!  It felt great on my toes.
How could I decorate with these logs?  Would my husband let me drag them home?  I've been known to request these things you know.
So restful....  I especially love the way the rocks change color when they are wet.
Flowering trees were starting to bloom.
True picture of Texas landscape.
I'd like a little bridge like this in my backyard.  Simple, rustic but the natural elements are what I love.  No horse allowed though!
Taking time away from all the daily routines of life is a MUST.  I've found that when I'm out in nature camping in our RV, traveling from place to place with our kids and family, it's the time that I feel the most rested.    So much to see and all of God's nature is there to renew our souls. 
Here are a few ideas that inspired me along the lines of "all natural" furniture and decor.
See I could have brought home some nature to decorate with.  I LOVE THIS VIGNETTE!
Great centerpiece! The wooden plates are simply perfect.  How easy is this to do?
Want to hang your hat anyone?  Cute as can be!  This might be my spring project!
I know my husband would love this!  Wouldn't it be great if you stained these branches in a dark "espresso" or "walnut"?  It would make the room feel a little less cold.  The natural elements in the room are so pleasing to the eye.
I've used this idea before for draperies.  Think outside the box when it comes to your drapery hardware in your bedrooms, studies, etc.
Spray painted tree branches used as decorative artwork for a wedding arch. Pretty awesome.
Fun way to showcase jewelry or what about hanging different seashells?  I've done this for a curtain rod too.
Might use this idea for my outdoor patio party!  Fun wallpaper in the background.  The moss around the branches is what makes it look so finished and polished.
These are actual statues that are for sale.  See, I'm not loosing my mind!
The problem with vacation is there is always the day you have to come home.  Home is a good place but it means we get back to the routine of "busyness."  This vacation I have been reminded to slow down and enjoy family and friends more!  Life is too short to always be "busy"
Can you believe that we came home from Spring Break to snow. 
Texas weather is so unpredictable.
The day before we were sitting outside watching our kids in the canoe in 70 degree weather (2 hours away, I might add)  and now we are home and  have 2 inches of snow in our backyard! 
Crazy Texas Weather.
Life is beautiful... hope you take time to enjoy it!