Springtime backyard parties.

We are making great progress on our gazebo! 

I left the house on Saturday with three 13 year old girls to go shopping at the mall.  My youngest daughter (11 yrs old) wouldn't hear of shopping (yuck) and I left her with my husband in the garage with a pencil behind her ear, tape measure and the drill in her hand.
It made ME smile!!
I glanced at her finger and it was bleeding...I asked her what happened and she said "Oh, just a small flesh wound."  It was all wrapped up with a paper towel and duct tape.  She didn't even want to waste the time to get a band aid she was having so much fun helping her daddy using all the tools.
I later asked my husband what she did and he said it actually really looked like it hurt but she was tough.  This made HIM smile!
Cutest thing ever to watch their relationship grow while building something we can ALL enjoy.
The roof has to be added after Spring Break and then we'll add all the finishing touches like stain, lighting, curtains and furniture!
In the meantime, I'm planning a party!!! 
We have one each summer and it's time for another!
Friends and family 2008
Friends and family 2008
Here's the menu I'm thinking of...
Wine (good bottle of Spanish Wine) and beautifully displayed cheese tray to start the evening.
Shish Kabobs and fresh vege's on the grill.  Who doesn't like this in Spring/Summertime.
Fresh salad with Avocado (my favorite).  I have a wonderful "girlie" dressing that I love to make with Olive Oil, Red Wine Vinegar and Sugar!  It's divine.
Tomato and Mozzarella Cheese salad with basil leaves.  Yum!
Key Lime Pie for dessert.
Wow!  Wouldn't you love to be a guest at this party!  Simple thing like lights in the trees make this garden gorgeous at night.  Of course all the other landscaping and pool lights create the ambiance too.
Planning a fun backyard party is a great way to get you motivated for Spring and Summer.
It brings great joy when you have something to look forward to and it really does get you going on your backyard "to do" list.  It doesn't have to be a great big party.  A few friends over to sit and enjoy your patio is great fun too! 
This is my favorite time of year!
Happy Spring Break Everybody. 
I'm going to take a week off to enjoy my family!

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