And the Oscar Goes to???

I had the wonderful opportunity to decorate the stage for my youngest daughter's 5th grade graduation. The best part of this challenge was having a very small budget. I love this kind of challenge because it makes my creative juices go WILD. I had such fun finding great ways to make the stage come alive.

The black curtains were already there so that was a great backdrop to the overall design of the stage. Black always looks so smart and gives a formal look to any occasion.

We were able to borrow this paper mache' Oscar from COMPASS CHURCH in Grapevine and he was the star of the stage. Balloons are also a great way to fill in the space. Mylar balloons are the best because they stay up longer and the different shapes add some class. We chose gold and shimmery white STARS because they are "THE GRAPEVINE STARS". Don't the colors look incredible the black background?

Thank you to my sister who works for an exhibit company and they let us borrow these ropes and stanchions from their warehouse inventory. They really added the "Oscar" feel and gave the kids a walkway to follow. Adding the red craft paper made the theme complete.

Recognize these windshield protector's. I found them at "Dollar Tree" and they were perfect for the sparkly effect of a theatre Marque.

We took each graduate's picture before the event and then blew them up and placed their picture on a star. We laminated them and cut them out. Each kid got to take their star home after the show.


Fun was had by all and the finished the program off with an awesome surprise for the parents. They sang an amazing song for us and I don't' thing there was one dry eye in the house. My little darling is in this picture with her teacher!

The best part of all this is that it was easy to put up, easy to take down and cost very little. I had a blast creating and spending time with my friends as we put it all together! I love it when we are given the opportunity to use our gifts to serve our children! What a privilege!

The balloons went to the pool party after the graduation and we let them go at the end. It was bittersweet as we watched "the stars fly away". Boo hoo! Middle School here we come.

And the Oscar goes to GES 5th Graders! Congrats!