Anybody home under there?

Some of you might have seen these already.  Next time you want to complain about too much snow...
think about these photos!!!
Check out the snow mobile on the roof!
These pictures were taken in Lead, South Dakota , on January 5,2011. That's just off I-90 close to Rapid City near the Wyoming border.

Beautiful!  I just can't imagine!
Knock, Knock....
Talk about getting depressed!
This snow is almost taller than him!
Oh, the work!!!!
Is anyone home?  How do they get inside?
Just a swinging!!  Good sports in their summer attire.
I can't imagine shoveling just to get out of my house!  I'm spoiled rotten because I don't have to do this.
How do you find these homes for a design consultation?  No address anywhere?
Get the champagne out, it's time to hot tub!

I think my husband and I would kill each other if we couldn't get out, ha!
I enjoyed these photos and thought you would too!
Happy "almost spring" to you!  What a beautiful day we had here in Texas!  Hope we don't get any more snow and if you are still getting snow, hope you don't get snow like this!