Love is in the air

My Valentines Day Inspiration!

I lost my grandmother 15 years ago.  She was a remarkable woman  and was filled with so much joy and compassion for others.  She loved to entertain and always did it with tremendous style.  My youngest daughter has her middle name "Alice" and I LOVE that.

The above picture is a typical English Tea displayed just like my grandma would do it.  Beautifully pressed linens, fresh flowers from her garden, silver, crystal, china and of course everything freshly baked with LOVE.  Not only was it freshly baked but it was always incredibly delicious!

When she died, my grandpa couldn't let go of any of her china. He loved it because it brought him such great joy when he used it to have his tea each day.  It reminded him of the way she use to show love and compassion to others by entertaining in their home.

Seriously, this was a daily setting for her!  Their home was constantly filled with people and she always treated them like royalty.

He died about 2 1/2 years ago and passed on some of her china pieces to our family.  My mom and I flew to Africa for his funeral and my mom and her sisters packed up all of their special things. Such an incredibly hard thing to do when you lose someone you love.
During the pack up, there were a few cups and saucers that were put aside in the "chipped and cracked" box. It's not that the pieces weren't beautiful any longer, they just couldn't be used.   Of course, I saw this pile and just couldn't hear of them throwing these precious pieces away.  Potential for a "Renewed Treasure" and a new way for them to be admired and LOVED.
Their Golden 50th Anniversary touching, they really were in LOVE.
 I carried them home carefully in my suitcase and have had them stashed away in my "treasure armoire" since then.  I figured there would be something beautiful I could make out of all these pieces and have just been waiting for that special inspirational piece that would inspire me.
I found this beautiful handmade piece of art on Etsy about a year ago and knew right away that this would be an amazing piece to create with all those little treasures I was given.  I LOVE how they placed the tea cup handle on the side.  Mine may be a little different but it has given me a great idea.  I really LOVE the pops of orange that they incorporated into this design.
My goal is to finish my new project here in the next few months in their honor.
I'll post pictures when I'm done. 
Have a cup of tea and think of those you love today!
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