Award Winning Home; Punta Barco, Panama

Our family was incredibly blessed to be able to stay in this award winning home during our recent Spring Break trip to Panama City, Panama.  
This home is in Punta Barco about an hour from Panama City. 
 I mentioned in my last post that I'd give you a tour of this incredible indoor/outdoor home.  Here goes.....don't miss the video of the home at the end of this post!

The home won the 2008 single unit International Property Awards in association with CNBC and New York Times.  After staying here for 6 days, I can tell you it's the best in the area!  An architect built the home so that explains a lot.
The house had direct beach access and amazing ocean views with a totally private beach.  My husband and I were absolutely in awe when we first saw the view we were going to look at all week.  It took my breath away!
These were the lounge chairs we enjoyed on the beach.
We came down this long passage way and wondered what was around the next corner.
It was never ending which made us very curious if we were even at the right house.
The home had 3 levels and there was a surprise around every corner.  This is the first indoor/outdoor living room.  The thatch work was absolutely amazing!
This is the second outdoor living space.  I fell in love with the coffee table. 
The dining room was perfect for our big families.  I loved the built in benches throughout the home. 
This table was awesome for lots of people to sit around and its rustic texture was so practical.
We spent tons of time in this little sitting area which had an incredible view.
The stone top coffee table on a tree trunk was an inspiration to me and I immediately had my husband take note :)
These nautical glass floats added such great interest to this patio and the green glass sparkled in the sunshine.
Isn't it cool how they added this conch shell to the railing?  This was my favorite detail in the home!
We spent a lot of time at this table listening to the waves as we ate the wonderful meals the guys cooked for us. 
The guys loved this outdoor grill. We did grilled zucchini one night and when we all sat down to eat and cut into it, we realized it was cucumber.  When you shop in foreign grocery stores, you guess your way around and we guessed wrong on this one.  It looked like a zucchini but it was a cucumber.   Grilled Cucumber is not very tasty I tell you.  We all had a good laugh though. 
I'm crazy, but I  love the feel of bare feet on tile.  It makes me feel like I'm somewhere tropical.
Patio on the lower level, closest to the beach.  Perfect for morning breakfast and coffee.
This old canoe was just resting on these stones as artwork.
This canoe was underneath this beveled glass counter top in the guest house.  Way cool.
Driftwood pieces that the owner had collected on the beach were all over this home and placed in fun and creative places.
I want one of these planters for my patio.
The towel rack in the kitchen is pure perfection.  Behind it is a broken lid and the knob is used as another spot to hang a dish towel.
Fresh flowers and coconuts from the garden.  Fresh coconut is amazing!  So much fun to try it again after all these years.
These wrought iron spheres were in the entryway above the light fixture coves.  Don't you love the way the light makes it such a focal.  The reflection on the ceiling was my favorite.
The niches all had wonderful, old pieces placed inside them.
There were hand carved wooden columns throughout the house.
Architectural pieces tucked away in little corners.  Loved the variety of stones just laying side by side on display for you to admire.
An old broken pot on the wall.
The kids loved the garden and we parents loved that there was a beach shower!
The Guest house and gardens.
Our good friends that live in Panama came to stay with us over a weekend and their family stayed here.
I even got to see a horse rider on the beach which I thought was an extra blessing.   Read my previous post here (Beach houses and life lessons).
Now that you have seen the photo's, how about a video?  My daughter made a video with her flip camera and it gives you a great idea of what I've explained above.  It's a little shaky but hang in there, it's worth it.  I think she did a cute job and she even added tropical music (it's starts to get a little repetitive after a while so get your mute button ready).  The kids loved their bunk room!
Click here to see video.  Punta Barco Beach House, Panama
Life is good at a beach house!
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