Exterior Awning Inspirations

I've always loved what an awning can do to a home.  Most of the time awnings are to keep the sun out or protect the window/door from the rain.
  I'm considering putting an awning up over my large entry window just to add some shape, color and interest to the facade of our home.  Here are a few pictures that have inspired me and I thought they would be fun for you to see too.
This entry looks so sophisticated with this awning.  I love how they have incorporated it with the lanterns on each side.

A window with an awning is beautiful. The picture above is an arched window with an arched awning. However, a square window with an arched awning on top of it can add shape to a home right away.  Too often a home is all about the square shapes and has nothing round to make it look balanced and interesting. 

This house is an example of what the arch shape can do!
Why not add an awning like the above to make a whole house appear grander?  Love the black stripe and the black border combination.
These black awnings on this home transformed the look instantly.  So classy.

Red with the white brick is lots of fun if you are brave and have a bold personality.  Imagine this house without the awnings?  Wouldn't have such a WOW factor would it?
The shape and color of these red awnings instantly grab your attention in this backyard!
This adobe home has a great before and after with new awnings!
This entry went from blah to amazing after the black awning was installed.
Love its bell shape.
This very plain home now looks more dressed up with its new awnings.  Still needs some TLC but it's a good start.
Stripes always speak volumes too.  These are subtle but adds a creative flair.
These awnings just add a special detail that makes it look more polished.
Love the front door on this home.  With all the architectural angels, adding the arched door really softened the edges.
A back door is a great place to put an awning. Makes it look like this entrance enters into something fun and exciting.

  I've got a black and white one over my back door just like the one below and I love the charm it added!
Face lift to this backdoor for sure!  Imagine the window cleaning that you would have to do without the protection.
Before and After to a Tutor style home.  So charming.
This little shed is precious now!
Cute little cabin awning.  Too bad the electrical box is still so prominent.


The above picture is not a canvas awning but one that has been added to match the homes tile roof and I absolutely love this look.  Imagine this architectural element taken away from this home?  It's what makes the whole front of the home look fabulous!  Adds character and charm.

Okay, I saved the best for last!!!
I had a good chuckle at this one!!! Oh my goodness....good for them for trying but this is a little over the top.

Hope you enjoyed my inspirations!