Back to School Ideas 2011

It's that time of year already! The school bell is about to ring. Some of my kids friends have already started back to school!  This week we are doing all the school supply shopping and of course new clothes.  It seems like they just got out for the summer doesn't it?  I'm feeling a little bummed out!
I thought I'd share a few ideas I've found for "Back to School" parties/gifts, etc. to get us all in the right school mood.
My daughter is going to be a Freshman this year (I'm about to have a heart attack).  I thought this would so much fun for her to hand out to her friends at "Fish Camp".  "You're o-FISH-ally a Freshman." Cool don't you think? You never know with teenagers but I asked her and she thought it was fun.    Adding a few M&M's would add to the excitement too.
These nails are my favorite back to school idea yet!  My teenage girls will totally do this!  Fun for a teacher to do too!  All teachers out there..... get your "groove" on with these!  You will be the talk of the school I promise!
Great idea to pass out to a teacher in elementary school or maybe you could even give this to your child on their first day.
Fun eraser giveaway for a "Back to school" party! 
Best little surprise boxes. 
My girls would love this!  Great craft for girls to make at a party or to give to a friend or teacher.
What teacher wouldn't enjoy this for their door or classroom.
Fun to make these cupcakes for friends or create at a party.
This is made out of chocolate Rolos and Kisses.
If you are on the PTA and need a luncheon floral arrangement or something fresh for the office staff, this is so colorful and sweet.  Could be done with colored pencils or sharpies too.
Nobody wants to go back to school after having the summer off but we can cheer our kids up with a smashing party or something creative to make for their friends.
Goodie bags and a water bottle with their name on it.  Who doesn't want a goodie bag?
I remember having a leather backpack like the above. 
 In elementary school I carried a little suitcase like the one above.  Anyone else remember these?
We would have to cover all our books in brown paper too.
Hope this inspired you to do something fun with or for your kids!
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