Bathroom Curtain Idea

I thought you'd like to see a fun idea for a bathroom curtain. This particular client did a HUGE kitchen remodel and at the last minute couldn't stand that her little bathroom off the kitchen eating area wasn't updated but...she ran out of money.

I told her not to worry I'd do a little magic for her and update it as much as possible with accessories. Of course this is just for show, not to be opened and closed. This bathroom had a glass enclosure that wasn't so attractive and the home owner didn't want to replace any of the tile or the glass enclosure. This was my solution to make the bathroom look a little more updated and add a softness to the much needed updates. I purchased a shelf and attached it to the ceiling and then velcro'd the curtain to the shelf. I swooped it to the left and hung it on a beautiful medallion bracket and it looks great. The homeowner was so pleased to have something beautiful in her bathroom! A quick update for little money.

Little changes CAN make a BIG difference.